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Jainaba Jobarteh - Surviving School

· Jainaba Jobarteh

Jainaba Jobarteh is an experienced and dedicated professional. She attended a school in Africa and came to the United States to help more people. Jainaba Jobarteh enjoys being a professional and helping others but like many students, Jainaba Jobarteh found school challenging. If you are struggling in school, these tips can help you survive.

Good Attendance

Attendance is a must in any kind of school. If you do not show up for class, you will not know what is going on and you will not be prepared for exams. You may feel stressed out and tired of school, but you have to push yourself to get to class and finish your degree.


It is a good idea to make friends in school and have friendships and relationships. You will need the support of others who are dealing with the same things as you and you may even enjoy studying together with your new friends

Prepare For Your Career

Although you may be trying to get through school and focus on your classes and grades, you also need to start preparing for your career. Think about your career options and any specialties you are interested and may want to pursue in school.

School of any type isn’t easy, and even the smartest students can find certain aspects of it difficult. If you are in school and want to do as well as Jainaba Jobarteh, the above tips can help you succeed.
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