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Jainaba Jobarteh - Four Guidelines for Aging Gracefully

· Jainaba Jobarteh

Jainaba Jobarteh, a respected pediatric doctor based in Madrid, Spain, knows that the secret to staying beautiful and healthy points to a combination of tasks that support both physical and mental health. As a forty-five-year-old woman who is considered one of the greatest beauties and thinkers of the city, Jainaba Jobarteh offers the following advice to women who are looking to feel their best as they age.

Regular exercise is key. Boosting serotonin levels and moderating sleep, mood, and appetite, exercise ensures that your body continues both looking and feeling great. It can even help ward off depression and help keep your arteries working properly

If you haven’t already, get a job that you absolutely love. If you are passionate about your work, you will continue to perform well and find meaning in your daily life. Because we can show more of our true selves in an environment that we enjoy, it’s easier to stay connected to the absolute best version of yourself and maintain healthy priorities.

Maintain positivity and find new ways of coping with stress if it’s a struggle. Not having good skills to manage stress has a dire impact on our bodies and minds.

Treat yourself often, whether it’s to an extra piece of chocolate or a day at the spa, indulge in activities and moments that ultimately bring you joy.

Jainaba Jobarteh is dedicated to helping women across the globe fully understand their beauty and worth. She lives with her husband and children, and she serves with a variety of charitable organizations.

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