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Jainaba Jobarteh - Five Reasons Why You Should Read Daily

· Jainaba Jobarteh

Jainaba Jobarteh is a pediatric doctor based in Madrid who always finds time to attend her monthly book club book. From the time that she was very young she understood the value and power of books, and Jainaba Jobarteh continues to make reading a part of her daily routine, no matter how busy she gets, for the following reasons:

  • Daily reading improves your concentration and focus due to the consistent immersion into the text, strengthening your attention span. Without long, uninterrupted periods, it’s impossible to make it through an entire book.
  • Regular reading improves visualization skills and imagination. By disconnecting from the TV where all of the story’s physical manifestations have already been determined for you, this is a great opportunity to practice building your own worlds in your head according to a text that you have read.
  • Daily reading will automatically give you more to talk about when you’re with your friends, family, and acquaintances. Whether you’re having an academic or deeply personal conversation, sometimes what we read in books genuinely help us make decisions or offer advice.
  • Reading has been shown to reduce stress by an independent consultancy firm at the University of Sussex. It was found that simply reading for six minutes eases tension and slows down the heart rate.
  • Regular reading keeps your mind sharp. Reading allows the participant to gain new vocabulary and access different points of view.

Jainaba Jobarteh deeply enjoys story time with her family and organized several book drives to be sure that kids receive high-quality reading materials.

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